Upcycle: Old Plastic Bottles into Wall Pockets

For my first ‘How to’ post, I took a video of my production of an ingenious creation.  I got the idea from the blog “Love it and Make it”

I really enjoyed their use of fabric, but I have been having an insatiable need to cover everything I do in glitter, I’m sure in the future you’ll see enough glitter to cover a chair.  But anyways…

The things you need for this ( which is mentioned in the video) are:

  • An empty shampoo/lotion bottle
  • A marker
  • A cutting tool
  • Material to decorate  (you’l  probably need some sort of glue if painting is just not enough for you)

I finished my and love it, but I’m really wishing I hadn’t lost my Phone charger  (it’s not lost, I know exactly where it is, but it’s 6 hours away).  I just have my usb to charge my phone via the old computer.  I’ll get that charger back sometime.

Below is a video tutorial on how to make the wall pock as I like to call it.

As I do this here’s hoping for better organization when I shoot.  Just bare with me and I think we’ll have fun.

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